Custom apparel that looks good and does good.

With 100% of our profits going to charities, we're built to help you take your brand, your cause, your company, and your life, further.

Our Services

Our services fit into three easy categories

Custom Apparel

We help you source, and produce custom branded apparel of any kind. Recommendations for the highest quality at the best prices. Let’s make you look and feel great!

Custom  Products

Whether it’s something more traditional like mugs, pens, notebooks or bags, to the the truly unique and one-of-a kind items, we can find and produce it.


You need gifts for holidays, anniversaries, awards, or other special occasions. We help you find the perfect gift that matches the meaning behind them – whether that is a single item or many.

This is what sets us apart.

First, we have unbeatable prices and amazing creativity.

However, we also believe that purpose drives outcomes, so we focus on purpose. And ours is to help as many individuals, companies, and causes go further. This means we’re dedicated to following a few simple rules:

  1. 100% transparency in everything. From our pricing to our timelines and process, you get all the details. Our true value is in the service, not the products.
  2. We’re allergic to cheesy. I mean, we’ll do it if it’s on purpose, but we try to avoid it at all costs. We want you to have great quality, awesome stuff.
  3. Do good always All our profits go to charity and our non-profit program is pretty magical!
  4. Sustainable as core value – We do our best to source and use sustainably made products.
  5. Stay curious and innovative – we never stop thinking about new ways of doing things, finding new and interesting suppliers, and innovating where we can to increase value to our customers.

How it works



We listen to discover what your needs are, and work together to figure out the best solutions for your needs and wants.



We go find the items you need from the best possible suppliers and manufacturers.



We work to make sure everything you need is produced in a timely manner at the level of quality you deserve. Then we deliver the items to you.

Our Non-Profit Program

We can help your cause.

We help you in two ways:

1. Save Money – Our prices are unbeatable. Use us to produce your own items at a lower cost.
2. Make Money – Profits made from every customer you refer us, go back to you! Also, with our pricing, you can sell more of your items to your customers, members, community, and more.


Here are a few examples of projects and products we have done.

Cedar Valley Mountain Bike Team

This youth mountain bike team needed team branded gear that would look great and help them raise money. We were able to help them keep costs low so they could sell more swag. This included hats and hoodies, custom flags, water bottles, socks, t-shirts, wrist bands, stickers and more. They raised thousands of dollars from the sales!

Next Level Construction

Our friends at Next Level needed hats for their team. A simple project, but we love the small and simple as well.

UVU Race Team

This race team from Utah Valley University needed awesome looking t-shirts to represent at a major competition. We think they look great in them!

Salisbury Plumbing

Salisbury is a major commercial plumbing company that needed reflective vests, hoodies, hats, and t-shirts for their crews. As a sponsor/ referral of one of our non-profit customers, all profits of that project went to the non-profit!

How can we help you?

We’d love to talk with you about how we can help you. From the simple and easy to the “let’s do different”. Use the button below to fill out a request for services, or even better, reach out to us via phone, text, or email. We look forward to talking with you, serving you, and helping you go further in whatever you are working on!

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Ph: 801-691-3249

Our team

Adam Clark

President, CEO

Mountain bike coach, father of 6, trail builder, and entrepreneur. He loves coaching, music, reading & learning, the outdoors, and sports.

Eliza Little


Dog person, mother of 3, friend to everyone, cancer survivor, super hero.

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